----- The Beautiful Withy Pool -----

Airman Pit
Well stocked with carp to 30lb and some large catfish and pike. Club membership is approx 40+ per season plus ans you'll need to pay for a night ticket if you want to fish nights, nice club with some nice waters.  www.shefforddaa.org.uk/

Elstow Pits
Two pits of 25 and 40 acres in Elstow near Bedford, a great fishery perhaps one of the best in the country containing many thirties (fewer fish in No2 and much more difficult). A syndicate water costing around 300 per season plus a 50 joining fee. We're not too sure how long the waiting list is but we are sure it's well worth the wait.

Withy Pool
While in the hands of Kevin Maddocks Withy used to be of the best big fish waters in the country but sadly this is not the case today, we believe some fishing does still go on there but the last we heard it's in private hands and is now overrun with catfish. We have no contact details for the fishery these days but if anyone can come forward with any up to date info or news on the once famnous lake it would be of great use.


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