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Englefield Lagoon
A 40 acre gravel pit in Pingewood, Berkshire with depths between 2 and 9 feet, the pit contains carp to around 32lb but has produced bigger in the past, a big weed choked pit this making fishing very difficult at times but as the pit contains such large carp it's well worth a visit or two, club tickets are from 10 for juniors to 30 for adults, there is also a specimen group supplement ticket costing around 45, for more info Tel: 0118 981 7342.

Swan Valley
A four lakes in Darby Green, Sandhurst, Berkshire containing carp to over 30lb, lake four the Specimen Lake is the main lake for big carp on this complex, day tickets can be bought on the bank at 10 per 24 hours for two rods and 2 extra for a third rod,  for more info Tel: Chris Hill of Academy  Angling Center on 01252871452.

The Wasing Carp and Tench Syndicate
Washing fishery comprises 4 lakes; Oxlease - 9 acres - Carp to 35lb+, Cranwells - 20 acres - Carp to 35lb+, Staghead - 2 acres - Carp to 29lb and Middle Lake - 1 acre - carp to 21lb or 31/2lb for Crucian carp. Staghead and Middle lakes are spring-fed lakes from the Wasing Wood and were created before the 17th Century and have been restocked since 1988 with carp. Approx. middle depths run to 20ft, shelving off from 5ft. Oxlease and Cranwells are restored gravel pits which have been maturing since 1994. Cranwells is more shallow with middle depths averaging 4ft, and Oxlease has middle depths up to 25ft. These lakes are restored spring fed gravel pits some of which have won environmental restoration awards.
Wasing Fisheries also has four miles of double bank fishing on the renowned River Kennet in Berkshire, just 45minutes from London, providing excellent fishing opportunities for Chub to 8lbs and Barbel to 17lb and a 40-acre predator lake with some enormous Pike and Perch. Newly opened in 2003, Rowney Lake is proving to be a massive success and one of the best predator lakes around.

Night fishing is permitted but strictly by arrangement with the office. Day tickets are not available.  The lakes syndicate costs are 150 per year.

The syndicate is highly exclusive and competitive at 250 for the River Kennet and 150 for the lakes syndicate. More information on the fishery and the prices is easily available at the website www.wasingfisheries.co.uk or alternatively, please contact Kirsti by email on kirsti@wasing.co.uk or phone 01189 714 140.

Situated in Sandhurst two nice lakes with many good features such as bars and so on totaling 13 acres, the carp run to around the 40lb mark. This fishery is only open on weekends from 8am to sunset and only from November 1st to March 14th this could of course mean its tough to get a swim but I can't say that for sure as I haven't visited personally. For more info Tel: 01252 873191. 




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