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Emmotland Ponds - North Frodingham, Driffied.
Four lakes of 1.5 - 4.5 acres with varying depths up to 15 feet, the lakes cotain common, mirror, ghost and crucian carp... lakes one and two are the main targets for bigger carp which are said to run to around 35lb. Ticket prices are around £7 for two rods for a day ticket and £15 for 24 hours, Call 01262 488226 for more information and to book swims in advance.
Barbless hooks only, no leadcore, no sacking, no nuts and no bolt rigs.

Newbridge Lake - Newbridge road,Burstwick.
This lake is 7 acres in size and has depths from 4 to 20 feet and was originally stocked with 50 10lb+ carp in 1989 with more added in 1999, the lake record is currently a 30lb 8oz.common with another 6 fish over 25lb present plus plenty more between 13lb and 24lb..
Ticket prices £5.00 per day one rod, extra rods +£1.00 each, night fishing only available with prior booking. £14.00 (24 hours).
No nuts, barbless hooks only.
Web site -www.newbridgelake.plus.com - e-mail lance@newbridgelake.plus.com - Phone Lance Bramley on 07940 265804

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