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Bradley's Pit
A very big gravel pit of 115 acres just outside South Cerney, near Cirencester containing carp to nearly 30lb but are said to be well over that weight possibly over 40lb, permits are from South Cerney Angling Club and tackle shops in the area at a cost of around 20 per season, Tel: 01452 883202, this huge water is probably only suited for the most experienced and hardy carp angler. 

Burley Fields Lake
Two heavily stocked pools (connected) In Cripppetts Lane, Leckhampton, Cheltenham with carp to over 20lb tickets are about 5 per day for non members, Tel: 01242 862905. 

Chad Lakes
A two and a half acre lake near Stow-on-the-Wold, near Bledington well stocked with carp to well over 20lb, tickets are about 5 per day and night fishing is by arrangement only Tel: 01451 831470.

Ham Pool
A large gravel pit of around 20 acres near South Cerney, Cirencester containing some carp to over 20lb, the cost is about 30 per season, Tel:  01285 658117, this water is said to be very difficult mainly due to its size and low carp stocks, still worth a shot though.


Horseshoe Lake

67 acre lake in Lechlade with depths averaging 4ft in summer bay and up to 16ft in winter bay. The lake holds a good stock of great looking carp which includes loads of 20's to just over 40lb ticket prices (need to be a member of The Carp Society) 15 24hours. No nuts, no leadcore, no braided mainlines, no wading. Pva bags are good ,summer bay for more fish......... for more info check out the web site www.horseshoelake.co.uk

Huntley Carp Pools
Two lovely forest lakes in a lovely location, Huntley, near West Glourcester, both lakes are well stocked with carp to over 20lb, season ticket only, Tel: 01452 505313.

Watermark Fisheries
The Watermark Specimen Fisheries offer a diverse range of angling experiences. From the inland sea that is the famous Bradley's Fishery with carp to 40lb+ to the intimate Specimen lake of four and a half acres with it's large head of quality carp to 35lbs+, tench to double figures, crucians to 2lb+ and perch to over 5lb!
Our other mature gravel pits offer exclusive winter pike fishing opportunities with No. 6 having brilliant pike fly fishing in summer. All the Watermark fisheries are mature, non-pressured and intimate waters with exceptional water quality and clarity. Superb for the serious specimen hunter or the discerning all rounder. Secure car parking is adjacent to the fully stocked shop. Toilet and shower facilities are also part of the angling experience at the Watermark.

Golden Scale Ticket for the Watermark Specimen Lake & exclusive access to new swims at the famous Bradley's Fisheriy and other mature gravel pits. This option provides contrasting venues offering breathtaking fishing for truly wild specimen fish with Carp to 40lbs and Pike to 34lbs + and Tench to
12lbs + specimen Crucians, Roach and Perch. All for 360
Specimen Lake ticket price-Adult 14 yrs & older
Day Ticket 10 from 7am till 9pm, 24hr ticket 16 from arrival time,  Evening Ticket 6 from 5pm till 9pm, Season Ticket 260

For more information please use the following conatct details or check out the web site: watermarkfisheries@hotmail.com - http://www.watermarkclub.co.uk/waterpark/index.htm  - Tel. 01285 862680.


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