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Very well stocked with carp, tons of doubles and twenties + plus a number of thirties, the pit is situated just off the A2 as you go towards Dartford, day tickets on the bank at bout 4 per day, no night fishing but don't let that put you off as this pit has a huge stock of carp so put plenty of effort in and you should get plenty out, for more info Tel: 01322 228532.

Chilham Mills
This fishery has 5 lakes well stocked with carp and other species, amongst the carp stock is the now famous "Two Tone" the UK's largest carp, there is a season membership but we're not too sure about day tickets at this fishery, for more info Tel: 01227 730668.

Claygate Lakes
Location: Claygate, Near Marden, Kent - there are three lakes on this fishery but the lake attracting the carp anglers is "Amy" which holds common carp to almost 40lb and and mirror carp to nearly 30lb. The other two lakes Sophie and Eva lakes contain most species of course fish between them. Day tickets cost 10 per day and 15 per night and 20 for 24 hours, tickets must be pre-booked before arrival and season tickets also available - for more info Tel: 01892 730818.

This great and quite historic fishery has 4 lakes - Big Lake, Tip Lake (syndicate), Tree Lake and Long Lake (day ticket) all containing a good head of carp the best of the 4 for the big fish being Big Lake and Tip Lake,  you really need to give it your all on this fishery as it is constantly under heavy fishing pressure by very experienced carp anglers, the lakes are in Darenth near Dartford, for more info check out these web sites -
www.darenthbiglake.com www.darenthfishing.co.uk/ or Tel: 07803 921 199 or 01322 661 177.

Elphicks Fisheries
A fishery consisting of six lakes and offering just about all species of fish, the main lake of interest to the big fish angler is possibly the North Lake which has carp to over 40lb and catfish to over 50lb, the North lake can be night fished but membership is needed for this.... for more details visit their web site www.elphicks-fisheries.co.uk or you can call them on  01580212512 or you can call the fishery manager on his mobile on 07980 240249.

Frant Lakes
Tunbridge Wells, Kent, 8 Lakes on a 200 Acre site, Depths go to 14 ft and features include gullies, gravel bars and islands. The lakes are stocked with carp that go to 40lb plus Bream, Tench, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Barbel and Crucians. Tickets from 7 per 1 rod to 20 for 3 rods for 24hrs on Specimen Lakes
Lumcheon meat, sweetcorn and pellets for for carp, floating crust in summer - No nuts allowed (for bait that is). For further info Tel: 01892 616424, visit th eweb site www.frantlakes.com or you can send an email  to info@frantlakes.com.

Longford Pits
One large pit of 70 acres an island and goes up to 30ft in places plus a smaller lake of 3 acres situated in Chipstead, Kent, carp go up to 30lb  with the big lake being best for carp, good pike are also present. Season tickets available at a cost of 50, 30 for 16-18 year olds and 15 for OAP's these are all subject to a one off joining fee of 15, for more info Tel: 01322 437766 or go to their web site - http://www.holmesdale.acs.btinternet.co.uk

Manor Farm Reservoir
A small reservoir of around two acres in Marden, Kent. Depths are from around 4 feet close on to 18 feet in the center of the lake. Carp go close to 30lb here but we don't know in what numbers. Fishing is for Linton AS members only, the is a 15 joining fee and a yearly fee of around 55 and there are reductions for juniors and OAP's  For more info tel: 01622 211300, web site: www.lintonangling.co.uk/.

School Pool
A well known 12 acre lake situated in Faversham containing a good head of carp to well over 30lb, one of the reasons that this water is so difficult is that there is no night fishing allowed and trying to catch such large fish in such a short period of time can be very difficult "but not impossible" for more info and tickets Tel: 01795 534516.


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