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Harrow angling society pit 1
Is a gravel pit of around 7 acres situated south of Harefield village. The lake has an irregular shape and three islands. The depth varies along its length of the lake and is deeper at the Northern end. The lake has a good head of most coarse species but is noted for good Tench fishing with fish to 6lb 8oz, along with a good head of Roach and Rudd. There are shoals of Bream of 8lb plus. The lake also holds a good head of Pike to 26lbs. The lake was stocked with Chub in 1985. In 1997 we stocked the lake 929 Crucian carp, 735 Roach, 868 Bream all around 8-10 inches in length, 127 tench of 10 inches and 150 Carp 2-3lb in weight, the latter were reaching 24lb in the 2001 season. In 1998 a further 2,400 Carp were stocked between 6-8 inches. For the general angler this lake is a must.

Harrow angling society pit 2
A gravel pit of 50 acres close to No1. The lake has been stocked many times. In 1963 100 large Carp were introduced, but in twenty years only two 25lb fish were caught. In the early eighties more Carp were stocked to 5lb. In 1988 the lake was stocked with Pike to 18lb. In 1989 another 1,800 Carp, average weight 12oz and 200 Bream, average weight 18 oz were stocked. In late 1992/1993 250 1-3lb & 100 2-4lb Carp were introduced. Many of these fish are now 25lb+ with some over 30lb. The lake is the HAS specimen water with good fish of all species: Best Carp 40-4, Tench 8-10, Bream 12-8, Perch 4-0, Eels 5-0, Pike 29-0, Chub 5-12 and large shoals of Roach to 2-0. The lake is shared with a sailing club, with which we have a good relationship, which requires give and take by both sides, so please keep it that way - Further HAS info available via the website - http://www.harrowangling.co.uk


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