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Billing Aquadrome

Willow Pool is the main carp lake here, about twelve acres in size, in the past this lake has been home to some very big fish and could still contain some big carp today, if you can stand the crowds on this busy holiday site you may be in with a chance, not too sure about tickets on this one, Tel: 01604 408181 or check out the web site: www.aquadrome.co.uk

Bluebell Lakes
Three Lakes, Kingfisher, Swan & Sandmartin situated in Tansor near Oundle containing many carp over 30lbs with Kingfisher being the home of the now famous big common called Benson. There is also a long stretch of the River Nene which holds carp to well over 30lb... tickets for the lakes are about £18 for 24 hours and tickets for the Nene are about £5 per day, for more info Tel: 01832 220642.

Corby Boating Lake
3 acre lake just on the edge of Corby stocked with carp to mid thirties, a rare one this as it is free fishing (last we heard) Tel: 01536 203035

Crackers Meadow
This lovely five-acre carp water was dug about 25 years ago for sand and gravel and is now an established lake with depths from 6-feet in the margins to about 16-feet in the centre of the deeper end. The lakebed is mainly a firm sandy bottom and there are no snags.

 There are about 65 carp in the lake including 3 or 4 koi carp. There are three known 40ís at present and these weighed-in at 47, 44 and 40.12 this season (2005). They are growing fish and Crackers is expected to hold a 50 in the next couple of years. There are a few 30ís and one or two of these should make 40 pounds quite soon. There is a good head of 20ís and a few doubles. Grass carp are also present, going from mid-20ís to mid-30ís. There are also a number of catfish, ranging from mid-20ís to mid-50ís. Stocks of catfish have been reduced leaving perhaps 20 fish averaging near 40 pounds. So if you fancy catching one of Britainís hardest-fighting fish then thereís a good chance of success.

 Members have the use of a large hut equipped with fridge, microwave, charging points etc. and photo boards. There are numerous water taps and an excellent toilet. Car parks are at both end of the fishery and you can park behind any swim on the river side. The fishery is completely fenced-off with lockable gates and there are no public rights of way over the property ensuring complete privacy and a safe environment. Children and non-fishing guests are not allowed. Member of Crackers also get PRIORITY if they wish to join the famous Ringstead Carp Fishery, which produced carp to 61 pounds in 2004.

The cost is £500 for 12-months fishing. Membership is limited to a 30-man syndicate. CONTACT: KEVIN & ANITA MADDOCKS  32 CHURCH STREET, TEMPSFORD, BEDFORDSHIRE, SG192AN
TEL: 07968 580 670 / 07989 979 373 FAX: 0870 774 0167 Ė www.ringsteadfisheries.net


Foxholes Fisheries
Four season ticket lakes between 1 and 2 acres and one day ticket lake or around an acre in size, situated between Crick and West Haddon. Orchard Lake and Bottom Lake are said to be the best lakes for carp with fish to around the 30lb mark in Orchard Lake...some wels catfish present too.
The fishery has good facilities including toilets and a shower and disabled access, for more information including ticket prices and contact details visit the Foxholes web site -

South View Carp Fishery
15 acre gravel pit run as a all year round syndicate situated in South View Farm, Ditchford, Wellingborough containing carp to nearly thirty pounds, this pit also contains large pike and they currently go to larger weights than the carp... for more information call the owner Dick Sumner on his mobile number 0860113977

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A magnificent 45-pounder from Crackers Meadow

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