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Loch Libo
20 acre loch well stocked with carp about the mid twenties in Uplawmoor, Barrhead....the lock is apparently shallow and weedy not what you expect when you hear the word loch, the ticket cost is about 30 per year, for more info call the Scottish Carp Group on 0131 477 1804.

Newton Lochan
2 acre lake in Gatehouse of Fleet, Galloway containing carp to over 20lb, day tickets are from the farm house and cost about 4 per day for more info Tel: 01557 840234.

Lanark Loch
20 acre lake in a public park in Lanark,  moderately stocked with carp to 26lb 4oz (the current lake record), both the method and the standard boilie approach work well here, the cost is about 10 per season, for more info call The Scottish Carp Group on 0131 477 1804.

Loch Fitty
There are carp in a small section of Loch Fitty, which is near Dunfermline. 
Fitty is a trout fishery, with a small backwater, this is where the carp are. 

Dunmore Loch
Near Pitlochry has a few carp to twenty plus, medium sized tench etc. Tickets available for Dunmore from Mitchells of Pitlochry.

Durrockstok & Mill Ponds
2 small ponds in paisley Renfrewshire worth a visit in this area both are around 2/3 acres ... Firstly Durrockstok pond in Waverley Road  Foxbar, the water is shallow and can be weedy in the summer but good 20s  have been coming out over the last couple of years, it is free to fish  which is always a bonus ...  Secondly the mill pond on Station Road Paisley is again shallow and access is restricted but again fishing is free and  fish to 16lb came out last year if anyone would like directions to any of the above they can contact me at. Both Ponds are  owned by the local council and no permit or permission is required.

*For more information on Carp fishing in Scotland visit the web sites listed below*

The Scottish Carp Group

We're struggling for info on Scottish lakes though we are sure there is more that could be added to the list, so if you own/manage a lake Scotland or you know a lake that you think should be in the list then please let us know about it and try to include as much info as possible, location, fish size, contact details, anything you can think that might help!

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