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Carney pools
Two small pools of 1.3 and 1.4 acres in size located in Bishton Lane , Wolsey Bridge, Rugeley.
Dragon Pool is of most interest for carp anglers as it's considered to be their specimen pool and contains carp to just over 20lb plus tench roach and bream.
Damsel Pool is for pleasure and match anglers an can be booked for private matches.... Dawn until dusk is 5 for two rods, an afternoon ticket (after 3pm) is also available for 3.
There are a few bait bans and restrictions, these plus contact info can all be found on the fishery web site here - http://www.carneypools.co.uk/

Knypersley Reservoir 

Location:Biddulph, Staffordshire, between Tunstall/Hanley and Congleton on the A527.
Stock:around 30 carp between 5lb and 26lb. Although few are under 15lb. The lake is 35 acres with depths from 2ft to 40ft - features include dam walls, snags, an old bridge and overhanging trees
Price:17 local clubs have the fishing rights. Prices between 12 and 70 but each club has its own other waters.
Bans:Night fishing only allowed for certain period of time, no nuts, and general common sense rules
Extras:A harder water but very rewarding when it all pays off. Boilee best bait with margin producing most fish - for more details contact: e-mail Dangoddard22@yahoo.co.uk.
The Serpentine Lake
Location: Biddulph, Staffordshire.
Stock:Around 45 carp in the lake to 28lb although most are upper double and low twenties. The fish are old hard fighting stunning carp. The lake is 17 acres in total with many different sections to the lake (almost like a question mark in shape). Depths vary from 1ft in the shallows to 25ft deepest, oads of features from a stream bed to a dam wall to fantastic snags.
Price:Victoria & Biddulph AS permit required for 23
Bans:Night fishing, no nuts and other common sence rules
Extras:A pool with a big history in the area. The fish are very wary but with some effort they will come out. The Big Linear (lakes largest resident) is really long and gives a brilliant but tiring fight. Fishmeal boiliee best best fishing tight as possible to the features. a big tip is follow the warm winds -  - for more details contact: e-mail Dangoddard22@yahoo.co.uk.
The Cricket Ground Pool
Location: Biddulph, Staffordshire.
Stock:Around 100 carp in the lake to 26lb although most are upper singles and low doubles. The fish are fairly easy to catch and multiple catches are usual for the water. The lakes toal size is 1 and 3 quarter acres and is very long with swims on both sides. Depths range from 3ft in the maqrgins to 8ft deepest. Features include big reed beds and loads of lily pads. Also hard patches to be found out in the middle. A very silty water.
Price:Victoria & Biddulph AS permit required for 23
Bans: No Nuts, and other common sence rules
Extras: The pool is ideal for an angler looking to catch a few medium size carp. Definetly reccommended for anyone after their first double. Most methods work but pva bags or surface fishing best bet -  - for more details contact: e-mail Dangoddard22@yahoo.co.uk.


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