In Pursuit of the Largest - Terry Hearn - Reviewed by Steve Noctor


Reviewed By Steve Noctor

In Pursuit of the Largest

This book is the best carp book that I have ever read. If you are lacking the confidence to move on from your local waters and fish for something bigger, then read this book. It has inspired everyone I know who has read it.

In pursuit of the largest is a book that details Terry Hearn's relentless pursuit of some of the biggest fish in the country from some of the most pressured big fish southern circuit waters. The book is almost diary like at times as Terry details his thinking behind his methods and tactics in plotting the down fall of a particular fish from any particular water he has targeted.

The text is accompanied by some excellent photographs and there are numerous cartoon drawings that show the more humorous side of Terry's thinking. I think they also help to show that Terry is always aware of and appreciates the natural wildlife and fauna surrounding him while he is fishing.

This book is an absolute must read for any carp angler, irrespective of their experience. If you have not read it, then do so. It will inspire you. It is simply awesome.

Cheers, Noc.



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