During a session in Picardie last week, I caught a 48 lbs. mirror. Normally I would have been elated with the fish, but it had suffered horrific tail-damage. I`m sure that this damage didn`t occur naturally, and that it was inflicted on the fish by a previous captor. i`ve heard of this happening, although I`d never seen it before. Apparently the captor cuts the tail of the fish so that he will recognize it if he catches it again. I know what I`d do to them if I saw them carrying out this barbaric act.

If that is anglers then they deserve something chopping off. I'd like to think though that it's something natural like a past disease or even otters or a prop..total scum if it's anglers sleepy

They do sometimes grow back from damage if left alone but I doubt that'll happen in this case, a shame as it's a lovely fish Steve.
No otters in France and no boats on the lake , so not a prop.
It really upset me to see the state of what was once a fantastic fish.

Yea an awesome fish mate so don't let it take anything away from the catch smilethumbsUp