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Carp fishing articles - stuff that every carp angler should know..!!


 All you need to know about your quarry..!!
Carp Facts


UK Carp Records


KHV, how to prevent it


Defo a disease you need to avoid..!!
Weils Disease


The Harvest Mite


Handling Big Carp
Handling Big Carp (video)

How to use leadcore safely..!!


Learn to tie your knots properly and safely..!!
Know your knots


The return of the giant hogweed..!!
Giant Hogweed


Particles - How to prepare and use

The Tigernut

Self Take Photography
Self Take Photography


Zip Rig Fishing
Zig Rig Fishing
How to safely sack your prize..!!
Sacking Carp
Learn to tie your shock & snag leaders properly and safely...
Shockleader knots



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